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Article on how to schedule Reddit posts for the best times to promote OnlyFans/Fansly account
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Why schedule Reddit posts?

Reddit attracts 50M+ daily active users, but they’re not active at all hours of the day. We’ve been tracking the # people online in Reddit’s best NSFW subreddits and found that subreddit peak hours often have 30% more traffic.

This means scheduling your Reddit posts can make a big difference in your upvotes. But how do you make sure your posts are timed to perfection? This is where a "Reddit schedule" becomes a game-changer.

Scheduling your posts ahead of time makes it possible for you to:

  1. Be consistently active, a factor Reddit's algorithm appreciates
  2. Target subreddit peak hours without setting alarms to manually post at odd hours

Burnout is a real problem. But with a Reddit post scheduler, you can build an active profile in just a few minutes every week!

What are the best times to post on Reddit?

Finding the best times to post on Reddit is not as simple as counting the number of posts that make the 'hot' page or clear a certain number of upvotes. These metrics can be misleading. If a lot of posts are submitted during a time window, naturally some of them will be popular. A spike in popular posts may simply be due to more content being submitted, which means higher competition!

The real metric is demand: how many people are online to view and engage with your content. You can find this in the about section of each subreddit:

Screenshot showing subreddit number of people online vs. members

To help you better understand this, we have been recording the number of online users in popular subreddits over different hours of the day and different days of the week.

We've discovered that traffic on Reddit fluctuates a lot. There are times when traffic dips to 35% lower than the daily average, and other times when traffic surges to 30% higher - what we call subreddit peak hours. These peak times represent the best time to post your content for maximum views and upvotes:

Spreadsheet with best times to post on Reddit based on when subreddit is most active

The challenge: Reddit has thousands of popular subreddits, each with its own distinct traffic patterns. Some subreddits are more active in the AM, while others buzz with activity in the PM. Keeping track of these variations across subreddits is exhausting, not to mention they change over time.

To solve this headache, we've built the logic for finding the best times to post on Reddit into our scheduler. When you use FanGrowth, it auto-picks the best time to post on Reddit, so you never have to worry about when to post:

Screenshot showing Reddit scheduler that automatically picks the best times to post on Reddit

Instead of stressing about timing, you can focus on what really matters - creating great content and growing your fanbase.

Why promote OnlyFans/Fansly on Reddit?

Reddit is the #1 NSFW and anonymous platform. It's organized into communities — known as subreddits — which makes for highly targeted marketing.

These subreddits are built around shared interests, each representing a different niche. When you post your content, you're not just reaching a random group of people, but to an audience that is excited about your kind of content.

Even if there are more viewers on TikTok, the Reddit user base tends to have high conversion and monetization potential, which makes it ideal for promoting your OnlyFans / Fansly.

Reddit also offers a level of stability. On TikTok, it’s easy to find yourself at the mercy of fleeting trends. Reddit, on the other hand, provides a reliable, bread-and-butter audience for you to top into.

Best of all, you can grow your fanbase from scratch, even promote OnlyFans anonymously. Unlike Instagram or Twitter, where your content's visibility is directly tied to your existing follower count, on Reddit you can post anonymously in a subreddit with millions of members even if you start with 0 followers.

How to schedule Reddit posts for maximum upvotes?

While Reddit offers an amazing platform to promote your OnlyFans anonymously, it does not let you directly schedule posts on their site. This is where FanGrowth comes in.

We worked directly with creators to build a software tool that fits neatly into your workflow, making FanGrowth the #1 fastest way to set up a Reddit schedule for promoting your OnlyFans / Fansly.

Takes only a few seconds to set up:

1. Link your Reddit account: We are approved by Reddit to use their official API, and we never see your password.

We ask only for the permissions we need to submit posts for you. You unlink your account anytime:

Reddit authorization page

2. Batch upload your content: FanGrowth is the only tool that lets you visually upload multiple images / gifs /videos to Reddit, Redgif, or any link. We even convert your videos to gifs that play nicely on Reddit:

Graphic showing how to batch upload images, gifs and videos to Reddit, Redgif

3. Pick your subreddits: Our searchable dropdown has the best NSFW and SFW subreddits ideal for promoting your OnlyFans/Fansly, including subreddit stats on audience size and whether they require verification:

Dropdown list of best NSFW subreddits ideal for promoting OnlyFans/Fansly accounts

You can even make custom subreddit groups by niche and add them in one click to save time:

How to quickly make subreddit groups by niche

As you pick subreddits, we suggest similar subreddits that don’t need verification:

How to find related subreddits that do not need verification

Every subreddit has its own set of rules and trending content. We pull these in, so you can quickly check to make sure your content fits:

How to see NSFW subreddit rules and trending content for each subreddit

4. Review your draft Reddit schedule: We automatically draft spicy captions and schedule the best time for each post. So instead of building a Reddit schedule from scratch, you can just make edits!

Screenshot showing Reddit scheduler that automatically picks the best times to post on Reddit with trending captions

As part of the draft schedule, we space your posts apart to follow subreddit rules, and to make your profile look more diverse. For example, the same content gets spread out so it does not get flagged as spam.

Once you’re ready to hit “schedule”, we check your post against subreddit rules to make sure everything is good to go:

Screenshot showing how to validate Reddit post against rules before posting

If you change your mind, you can always edit your time, schedule or cancel the Reddit post in your dashboard:

Screenshot showing how to edit Reddit schedule or cancel Reddit posts

And there you go! Most creators can schedule several weeks of content in just a few minutes, getting precious time back to create content, run their business, and live their life.

You can try our free plan today – comes with 20 scheduled posts, every month.

Is it safe to use a Reddit post scheduler? Will it reduce my reach?

FanGrowth is approved by Reddit to submit posts for you. We use Reddit’s official API, built by Reddit, so your account is safe using it.

Every submitted post first goes to the ‘new’ tab of the subreddit. Once it gets enough upvotes and comments, your post makes it to the ‘hot’ tab, which is the default page that will get you seen by everyone checking out that subreddit.

Screenshot showing new tab vs. hot tab for a NSFW subreddit

Whether you submit through a scheduler or directly on Reddit does not change where your post lands. But scheduling your Reddit posts does give you more freedom and flexibility.

Will I get banned for using a Reddit post scheduler?

No, using Reddit schedulers is not against Reddit's terms of service. Subreddit moderators also cannot see that you are using a scheduler.

With that said, Reddit is still tricky to navigate, especially if you have a new account. Some moderators can be quick to ban accounts if you don’t follow their rules. And multiple offenses can lead to a shadow ban or suspension.

To check if you are shadow banned on Reddit, open up a private window where you are NOT logged in, and go to your profile by copying this URL and pasting your username: If you see your profile, you’re good. If you don’t, it means you’re shadowbanned.

When you are shadowbanned, there is no known way to reverse it. You’ll have to start a new account from scratch (ideally with a new browser). If you are suspended, Reddit will notify you via email and on the website in a banner.

The most common cases of getting banned from Reddit are:

If your Reddit posts are getting taken down by moderators, learn more about how to pick the right subreddits and get better results.

While promoting your OnlyFans/Fansly on Reddit can be a challenge, we hear from creators all the time that it’s well worth the investment.

When you try FanGrowth for free, you get all the upside of Reddit while avoiding burnout. Reddit does not need to be a stressful full-time job!

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