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  Simple batch upload

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  Find subreddits and trending content in one click

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  Get captions and a schedule to help you go viral

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  Check posts against subreddit rules

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"The scheduling of shuffled posts is so ideal, and I’m so impressed at the AI you’ve utilized for captions. My subs are up 62% in the last 30 days using FanGrowth all while avoiding Reddit burnout”

- Savannah

"I spent years creating an automation for Reddit. Within minutes of using FanGrowth, I knew it’s so much better. A major timesaver, making it a breeze to schedule more, doubling my subs within the first two weeks.

- Dee

Your account is safe, here's why:

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100% compliant with Reddit

We post with Reddit's official API — and we never ask for your password

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Spam protection

We read subreddit rules and space out your posts to protect your account

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"Omg I'm already obsessed with this! Even just showing the rules for posting and trending stuff is so helpful"

- Ashley

"I like how everything is generated but you have the option to write your own captions also 🖤 Really cuts down posting time!"

- Dakota

Let's answer your questions:

How do you post on my behalf?

FanGrowth is approved by Reddit to help you submit posts. You give permission through Reddit, so we never see your password, and you can unlink your account anytime. You're also welcome to test with a demo account!

Will my account be banned using FanGrowth?

Your account is safe, as long as you do not spam Reddit. On our end, we help you you follow Reddit rules. We have safety measures, like spacing your posts apart, and we also pull in subreddit rules and verification for you.

Every subreddit has different rules. How do you handle that?

We read and follow subreddit rules: 1. We space posts apart. 2. We pull in each subreddit's requirements, like verification, flairs and rules for titles. 3. We auto-write titles to follow rules and help you go viral.

How are you different from other schedulers?

FanGrowth is the only tool that lets you batch upload (to Reddit or Redgif), get pre-written titles and a schedule with the best times to post so you can truly set and forget.

How do you determine the schedule?

We pick days and times based on best-performing windows. We do this by tracking when subreddits are most active to get you peak demand. We also space posts apart to keep your account safe.

How many posts can I schedule for free?

You can schedule up to 20 posts for free, every month. Beyond that, you can upgrade to our paid plans. Everything is priced to ensure this is a profitable investment for you!

Can I upload images and videos?

Yes! You can upload your images / videos directly, or share links to your content.

How do I find good subreddits for promotion?

We spent many hours compiling a categorized list of subreddits ideal for NSFW and SFW promotion. This is the biggest and most up-to-date resource online.

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"It only takes a few minutes to set up my entire posting schedule for the week! Definitely worth it and will save you so much time!"

- Cher