How to Promote OnlyFans on Reddit (Updated: 2024)

We share the latest strategies used by the top 1% of creators to promote OnlyFans on Reddit

Guide on How to Promote OnlyFans on Reddit
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Best way to promote OnlyFans on Reddit

The best way to promote OnlyFans on Reddit:

  1. Post consistently to subreddits that fit your OnlyFans niche
  2. Post at the best times when Reddit traffic is high to increase your views
  3. Post content that makes people want to go to your Reddit profile for more
  4. Build a Reddit profile with a mix of high-quality content that converts profile visitors into paid OnlyFans subscribers

The details matter! We will cover each step in this guide.

This guide is based on strategies used by the top 1% of creators who promote OnlyFans on Reddit. Everything we share has been battle-tested and proven.

We mention OnlyFans a lot in this guide. But the tips here work for converting paid subs on any visual platform including Fansly. By the end, you'll know exactly how to use Reddit to promote your OnlyFans at the highest level.

If you have an aged account on Reddit with lots of karma already, you can skip ahead. Otherwise, read this next section to stay safe on Reddit.

Grow new Reddit account without getting banned

If you’re new to Reddit, here's how to not get banned, and maximize the value of Reddit.

Why Reddit can be hard

There are three things that make Reddit uniquely hard to navigate when you’re new:

Reddit karma and age

Every new Reddit account starts with 1 karma point. Karma is a voting system on Reddit. Anytime you post or comment, people can upvote or downvote you. Upvotes (and comment engagement) on a post determine which post gets shown on the first page of the subreddit.

When you get upvotes, your karma increases. There are two kinds of karma:

Post karma comes from upvotes when you post content. Comment karma comes from upvotes when you comment on other posts. But here’s the catch: with new accounts, you have to start by getting comment karma first.

Reddit wants you to comment first because that shows you are engaging in the community, instead of just promoting your content. They are very touchy about anything that looks like “spam” or promotional content. Give first, then you get more in return.

You can see your comment karma when you hover on the karma section of your profile:

Screenshot for how to find your Reddit comment karma

Even if your account has lots of post karma already, you still to get comment karma before you can safely and consistently post into many of the NSFW subreddits.

Most new accounts get shadowbanned or suspended because they post too much without commenting first.

Shadowbanned means your profile does not get seen by anyone except you. Basically, Reddit has silenced your account. You can find out if you are shadowbanned by opening up a private or incognito window where you are not logged in and go to your account profile – If you see your profile, you’re good. If you see something like this, you are shadowbanned: Screenshot showing how a shadowbanned Reddit account looks

When you are shadowbanned, there is no way to reverse it. You have to start a new account from scratch (ideally with a new browser, so Reddit does not think you are the same person and ban you again).

When you are suspended, Reddit sends you an email or DM telling you why, so there is at least some clarity. You can appeal the suspension if you believe there was a misunderstanding. This is worth trying if your account already has a lot of karma, age and followers that you prefer to not have to rebuild.

How to get comment karma quickly on Reddit:

Wouldn't it be great to NEVER get banned or suspended? Of course! So here’s a proven way to prepare your Reddit account to promote OnlyFans safely:

  1. Age your account at least 7 days — as in, wait at least 7 days after sign up
  2. At the 7 day mark, you can start making comments. Before then, Reddit will rate-limit your comments (i.e., tell you to wait a little longer before submitting more comments). It’s not worth it. Just wait 7 days
  3. Once you reach 200+ comment karma, you can start posting a few times a day in some smaller NSFW subreddits. Some bigger subreddits have a higher comment karma requirement of 500+ or 1000+
  4. When your account is 30+ days old, you can start posting more frequently in some bigger subreddits
  5. The older your account and the higher your karma, you more you can safely post per day. Consistency and time compounds very nicely!

Some subreddits will list their karma requirements directly in their rules. Others will be vague, so you try and see if they let you post. If you don’t have enough karma, you’ll get a message saying so.

The best way to get comment karma quickly is by posting in popular discussion-based subreddits like these:

Most of your comment karma will come from a few comments that get a ton of upvotes. To increase your chances, go to the subreddits above, then filter by “rising” or “new”:

Find rising or new posts in subreddit

These are posts that are either gaining traction or brand-new. By being one of the early commenters or repliers to other popular comments, you have a much higher chance of being seen by a lot of people and get upvotes from them.

There is some luck to getting hundreds of upvotes from one comment, but it definitely helps to be in very popular subreddits. Just make sure to avoid freekarma subreddits - many subreddit moderators will ban your account if you have any history of karma farming.

Why Reddit is the best way to promote OnlyFans

Reddit is the best way to promote OnlyFans, especially if you don't have a social media following yet, or want to stay anonymous / faceless. Let's cover why.

Reddit is made up of thousands of communities known as “subreddits”, each focused on its own unique niche. There are subreddits dedicated to body types, looks, styles, ages, ethnicity and more. There are NSFW (Not Safe for Work) subreddits where you can promote adult content, as well as SFW subreddits for clothed content.

The best part of Reddit is that you can promote your OnlyFans to highly-targeted groups of people. Even when you have no followers on Reddit, as long as you have enough comment karma, you can post in subreddits and reach millions of people. You can also stay anonymous on Reddit, which means you can discreetly promote your OnlyFans.

Creators also often find that subscribers from Reddit tend to spend more and stick around, because they are high-intent. They’re not your typical casual fan who spots you in a feed. They’re more likely to be your whales, who actively engage with your type of content.

It’s easy to get lost in the sea of thousands of subreddits, so we built a big list of NSFW (and SFW) subreddits searchable by keyword and category so you can find the perfect ones that fit your OnlyFans niche:

Find the best NSFW subreddits

When you're new on Reddit, start by finding 10-15 subreddits that match your content. See how your posts do before expanding. Most of your paid subs will come from a few posts that get a ton of engagement and make it into the top posts for the day, week, month or even the year.

Every new post (whether it’s a new Reddit account or a seasoned account) goes to the “new” tab in each subreddit. The upvotes and comments that your post gets will determine its ranking on the main page of the subreddit, the “hot” tab.

If you play your cards right (read on for more!), you can quickly get a lot of attention on Reddit and turn them into paid subscribers.

But, it’s not all roses and sunshine.

Subreddit rules

Every subreddit has its own unique set of rules (e.g., banned words, nudity vs. no nudity, GIF only, image only, how often you can post). These rules are set by moderators. Violating these rules can lead to your post getting removed, or even a subreddit or Reddit-wide ban.

Whenever you post in a new subreddit, make sure to review the rules. You can find them in the sidebar of each subreddit:

Subreddit rules sidebar

Or you can save a ton of time and use FanGrowth — the fastest Reddit post scheduler. When you add a subreddit, we pull in the rules for you to look at:

Screenshot showing how subreddit rules are pulled in before posting

We also pull in rules specific to titles/captions, space your posts apart to follow subreddit rules, and will validate your post before you submit to make sure it’s kosher:

GIF showing how to validate Reddit post against rules before posting

Account name

This is a little-known fact. If you’re making a new Reddit account, make sure your account name does NOT contain any reference to paid or promotional sites. This includes things like:

Not all subreddit mods will ban you based on your name, but if you choose your account name, it’s best to go with something that’s not tainted.

Ok, now time for the money stuff.

How to get more paid subscribers using Reddit

The formula for OnlyFans success on Reddit comes down to two steps:

  1. Get your profile noticed on subreddits — ideally hit the top of the hot page where you get seen by everyone in the subreddit
  2. Convert profile visitors into subscribers

In most platforms, it makes sense to include a direct link where people can find more of your OnlyFans content, even if it’s just a linktree page. Reddit, however, is very allergic to explicit promotion.

The biggest NSFW subreddits do not allow any linking in your post. There are some OnlyFans seller-friendly subreddits that do allow linking, but Reddit users know that these are advertising channels, so they usually do not get a lot of engagement, and will not be worth your time. They are mostly filled with creators, not fans.

The funnel that top 0.01% creators use on Reddit is far more organic: get profile clicks from subreddits, and then get these profile visitors to click on your OnlyFans link in your profile, and subscribe from there.

Along the way, profile visitors who like your content will also “follow” you on Reddit. This means you have a built-in fanbase to upvote your posts going forward, which then increases your changes of getting seen by even more fans.

Get more Reddit profile clicks

Visibility is currency on Reddit. To get this, you need to find subreddits to promote OnlyFans that fit your niche, and post at the best times.

Subreddits to promote OnlyFans

To find the best subreddits to promote OnlyFans, you can use our NSFW redditlist and search by keyword. To get keywords, think about how you would describe your body type, style, age, ethnicity. You can also look at top creators in your relevant subreddits and see where else they post. We also found the best OnlyFans subreddits to promote in when you want to maximize your subs.

A neat feature in FanGrowth is seeing the trending content in each subreddit:

See subreddit trending content and subreddit rules

This gives you a sense for whether 1. your content is a good fit for the subreddit, and 2. ideas for your own content creation.

It's tempting to post in lots of subreddits, but the best results will come from focusing on where your content outperforms. When you reach the top post of the day, week, month or year, you get an explosion of profile clicks, and then a passive stream going forward.

Some creators rely on a "pray and spray" strategy where they post in as many subreddits as possible. The problem here is that you expose your account to a higher risk of being considered "spam". And if the posts are low-effort and go nowhere, they still fail to drive profile clicks.

Best time to post on Reddit

Reddit activity has its ups and downs throughout the day. The best time to post on Reddit is 1-2 hours before the most # people are online in that subreddit. By giving yourself a small window, you increase your chances of already being on the first page when demand peaks.

The best time to post varies by subreddit, day of week, time of day. At FanGrowth, we track when the most # people online, and automatically schedule Reddit posts at these best times, ensuring your content rides the wave of engagement:

Screenshot showing best times to post on Reddit for r/adorableporn by day of week and time of day, UTC time zone

Turn Reddit profile visitors into paid subscribers

Once a user clicks on your profile, it’s showtime. Your profile is your stage. To do this well, you need to nail pinned posts, your Reddit bio, and content rotation.

Pinned posts

You can pin posts at the top of your profile — this is where you can showcase your most popular posts, your OnlyFans link, and any promotions you’re running.

Reddit bio

Your bio is the headline for your profile. Make it concise — 1-2 lines, tops. End with a teaser, like “I only chat on [OF/Fansly],” so they know where to go. Copy your OnlyFans link into your bio, and add it as a social link as well. On mobile web, the social links are not visible, so the link inside the profile text is critical. Here's an example:

Screenshot showing optimized Reddit bio for promoting OnlyFans

OnlyFans lets you set up tracking links so you know exactly how many people from Reddit click on your profile, and then end up paying. This is a great way to get more data on what's growing your business. If you're not sure how to set up an OnlyFans tracking link, this video will walk you through it.

Rotate your content

A common mistake creators make with their Reddit profile is a wall of the same content, and sometimes even the same captions. While it’s easier to post the same content to a bunch of different subreddits, this makes for a poor landing experience for users when they come to your profile.

Instead, the gold standard for marketing OnlyFans on Reddit is content rotation. Instead of posting the same content back-to-back, space out the same content and use a unique caption for each post. This way, it’s immediately clear to a new fan that you offer a mix of high-quality content.

Content rotation is a pain. One solution is a spreadsheet tracker. Or you can save a ton of time and use FanGrowth. We are the best Reddit post scheduler for rotating your content and drafting a different caption for each post so your profile can shine.

Getting Reddit followers

Even if a Reddit user is not ready to subscribe yet, if they like your profile, they can easily “follow” you. This means they’re more likely to see all your posts in the future, which gives you a fanbase to help you get more upvotes and comments.

You can see your # followers on your profile — this is private to you, not shown publicly. But what’s wonderful about having a following on Reddit is that you can make direct posts to your profile (u_your-username) that are seen by your followers.

These posts are totally under your control, no rules to follow! You can write any caption you like, link your OnlyFans, tell them about promotions you’re running — consider it a direct channel between you and your followers.

How to make content that Reddit users love

Getting consistent engagement on Reddit is a fine dance. To do well, you need spicy captions, real and unfiltered visuals, prioritize GIFs and direct uploads if you can:

Spicy captions

Captions are your hook — they are the first thing a user sees when they come across your post. When they’re logged out, the caption is the only thing they see before deciding to click in. Questions tend to perform best because they naturally invite users to engage with your post. But you need to be careful — some subreddits do not allow questions, some simply do not allow question marks, and others have a list of words they consider “clickbait” and have banned.

When you use FanGrowth, we help you draft captions that resonate with the subreddit, but also follow all their rules. We also built a free NSFW captions generator if you’d like a taste for what we do.

Learn from trending content

Every subreddit is full of public data on what’s popular — you can go to the subreddit and sort by “top” by day, week, month, year. Or you can use FanGrowth to easily see what’s trending. Learn from what's working, and then remix with your own twist!

See subreddit trending content and subreddit rules

“Real” visuals

Unlike Instagram, Reddit users tend to prefer a real girl / amateur look. In fact, some subreddits do not allow any obvious filters on content. So if you’re repurposing filtered Instagram content, I would remove those filters for Reddit.

GIF vs. image

For the most part, GIFs tend to outperform images when it comes to post performance. To make your life easier, you can cut up the video clips you’re already making, and use a short teaser of it for Reddit, so fans have a reason to go to your OnlyFans for the full experience.

Video clips (MP4, MOV) need to be converted to GIF first before uploading to Reddit. You can use free tools like Adobe Express or EZGif. FanGrowth also has a built-in video to GIF converter in our upload step to save you time and hassle.

Redgif vs. direct upload to Reddit

Some subreddits only allow links, others only allow direct uploads to Reddit. This is a lot to keep track of, and the rules also change from time to time. To take away the headache, FanGrowth tells you which subreddits take which upload formats. We also let you batch upload to Reddit or Redgif, so you can get more done faster:

Graphic showing how to batch upload images, gifs and videos to Reddit, Redgif

Based on the data, direct uploads tend to perform better in upvotes and comments than Redgif links, so I recommend using direct upload when you can, and fall back on Redgif links when you need to for specific subreddits.

Deleting your Reddit posts?

Many creators are understandably nervous about having too much free content online. This is especially true on Reddit where content is posted and reposted in so many subreddits.

Many top creators that have been on Reddit for a while will selectively delete posts based on performance. E.g., if it hasn’t reached a certain # upvotes after a certain amount of time, then it gets deleted. This is another way to create a high-converting Reddit profile — only feature your best content.

The challenge with deleting is a matter of time and detail:

To solve this challenge, FanGrowth can automatically delete your Reddit posts for you, based on criteria like # upvotes and amount of time:

Mass delete Reddit posts by performance

We also check subreddit rules before deleting to make sure you’re not breaking any rules. This way, you can easily clean up your Reddit profile without breaking a sweat!

Is verification worth it?

About 50% of NSFW and SFW subreddits that work for OnlyFans promotion require verification. This means you need to take some selfies and send them to the moderators before you can post.

If you prefer to skip this, we made a list of subreddits that don’t require verification.

But I highly recommend doing verifications for subreddits that fit your niche. A little time upfront doing this goes a long way for a few reasons:

To save time when verifying, you can take your verification photos in a batch and get it all done in one go. Each subreddit will usually ask you to send them a Redgif link to your photos via DM to the moderators. You can find instructions in the subreddit rules or pinned post.

Is answering chats and DMs worth it?

This ultimately depends on what you’re selling and your own preference. Most creators say that answering Reddit chats and DMs are not worth the time, because the serious fans will subscribe to your OnlyFans.

If you make it clear in your Reddit bio that you only chat on OnlyFans, this is a great way to save your own time and redirect your fans to where they should go.

This also frees up your time so you can focus on what you do best — creating awesome original content that brings in more fans!

Dealing with subreddit moderators?

Given how many rules there are to follow, it’s easy to accidentally break a few rules. Some moderators will send warnings as DMs to you, others will issue an immediate ban.

The best way to handle mods is to kill ‘em with kindness :) Ask for clarity if you’re not sure what rule you broke, apologize and see if they’re ok with giving you another chance. If they say no (which is likely), there’s no point in arguing. Many of them moderate a network of subreddits, and perceived rudeness can get you banned from all of them.

The good news is there is no shortage of subreddits to try! You can use keywords to find similar subreddits or you can type subreddits into FanGrowth, and we automatically suggest similar subreddits to you:

Get similar subreddit suggestions

Promotion tips for agencies

When you’re managing multiple Reddit accounts for different creators, Reddit gets even more challenging!

If you haven’t already, you need to set up a different browser profile and IP proxy for each logged in Reddit account. Incogniton is an example of a browser that lets you easily do this. This is super critical because Reddit fingerprints your account based on IP and browser.

If you do not keep separate profiles for each account, Reddit will think they are all “linked” accounts, AKA the same person. So if one account gets banned from a subreddit, all your linked accounts will be suspended if they try to post in that subreddit. Reddit will think you’re trying to “evade” the ban, which is a serious offense for them. This problem goes away when you keep separate, clean profiles for each account you manage.

The more accounts you manage, the more hours you’ll spend doing all the activities we talked about — finding subreddits, reading rules, uploading content, writing captions, submitting posts, re-submitting posts when something goes wrong. To grow your business profitably, you need a streamlined system to save time and easily train VA’s as needed.

FanGrowth is the easiest Reddit automation tool to help you grow without breaking the bank. And it's free to try!

When you connect multiple accounts, you get big discounts on a bundled plan. You also get access to huge time-saving features. Save groups of subreddits and post in one click, get caption ideas, export analytics, and much more. You also have the option to manage every Reddit account from one FanGrowth portal, instead of having to switch browsers and IPs for each account.

FAQs: How to use Reddit to promote OnlyFans

Can you promote OnlyFans on Reddit?

Yes, you can promote OnlyFans on Reddit. Reddit has thousands of subreddit pages for adult content and spicy content, each focused on a unique OnlyFans niche. You can post your content in these subreddits to drive targeted traffic to your OnlyFans page.

What is the best way to promote OnlyFans on Reddit?

The best way to promote OnlyFans on Reddit:

  1. Post consistently to subreddits that fit your OnlyFans niche
  2. Post at the best times when Reddit traffic is high to increase your views
  3. Post content that makes people want to click your Reddit profile for more
  4. Build a Reddit profile with a mix of high-quality content that converts profile visitors into paid subs

What are the best Reddit pages to promote OnlyFans?

You can use our NSFW redditlist to search for the best subreddits that fit your niche (body type, style, age, ethnicity, etc.). We also analyzed and found the 20 best OnlyFans subreddits based on engagement and upvotes that you can take inspiration from.

Can I post my OnlyFans link directly on Reddit?

With the exception of seller-friendly subreddits that have “OnlyFans” or “Fansly” in the name, most NSFW subreddits do NOT let you directly post your OnlyFans link in the post or comments. Instead, include an OnlyFans tracking link in your profile and bio where fans can go to find more.

How do I measure the success of my OnlyFans promotion on Reddit?

You can use an OnlyFans tracking link to measure the exact clicks and paid conversions you get from Reddit. Paste your OnlyFans tracking link in your Reddit profile and bio to do this.

How can I get more visibility for my OnlyFans posts on Reddit?

To get more visibility for your OnlyFans posts on Reddit, focus on getting to the top of the page in the subreddits you post in. This involves posting content and captions that are highly relevant to the subreddit at the best times (when traffic is high). You can use FanGrowth to get the best times to post for each subreddit, as well as trending captions and content for inspiration.

Are there rules I should follow when promoting my OnlyFans on Reddit?

Yes, each subreddit has its own set of rules that you can see in the sidebar. These usually include rules around what content is acceptable, how often you can post, what content links can be used, and what captions are allowed. Checking rules for each subreddit before you post is very time-consuming, so you can use FanGrowth to automatically pull in subreddit rules, and check your captions and post against these rules.

Most OnlyFans subreddits will also only allow posts from accounts that have 200-500+ comment karma, so it’s a good idea to get comment karma in popular discussion-based subreddits first before promoting your OnlyFans.

Conclusion: How to promote OnlyFans on Reddit

Good luck! I hope this was helpful. Chat us if you need anything at all.

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