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We draft trending captions and a TikTok schedule at the best times to post. Gain more fans faster ✨

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  Batch upload to save time

  Get trending captions and a TikTok schedule

  Edit and reuse saved captions

  Set your daily target for # TikToks

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  Organize with a calendar

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Get 5 free TikToks every month   

Why choose FanGrowth?


We offer:
Suggested captions for each TikTok
Saved captions for each TikTok
Batch upload to get more done
Auto-scheduled for best times
Auto-schedules TikToks to meet your daily target
Fast & responsive - we love feedback and requests!


They offer:
Write every caption yourself
Upload one at a time
Manually pick schedule for each TikTok
Manually schedule TikToks to meet your daily target

Your account is safe:

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100% compliant with TikTok

We are approved by TikTok to use their official API — we never see your password

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Spam protection

We space your TikToks to protect your account

Get 5 free TikTok every month

Let's answer your questions:

What is the best TikTok scheduler?

The best TikTok scheduler saves you the most time, gets you the most fans, and keeps your TikTok account safe.

FanGrowth does all three: we let you bulk upload videos and schedule them as TikToks at the best times. We suggest trending captions to boost engagement. We also space your TikToks to keep your account safe.

How many TikToks can I schedule for free?

You can schedule 5 TikToks for free, every month. Beyond that, you can upgrade to our paid plans. Everything is priced to ensure this is a profitable investment for you!

How many accounts can I use?

There is no limit to # accounts on FanGrowth. If you'd like multiple TikTok accounts, you can try a team bundle plan. These plans let you automatically add and remove accounts anytime. Custom plans are also available if you need only TikTok accounts.

How do you post for me?

FanGrowth is approved by TikTok's team to help you schedule. The API is built by TikTok and 100% compliant. You give permission through TikTok, we never see your password, and you can unlink your account anytime. You can also test with a demo account!

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Get 5 free TikToks every month